The good press won’t stop so we won’t stop sharing it with you 🙂

German magazine PROFESSIONAL AUDIO reviewed ACTION STRIKES on 5(!) pages and it’s a great lecture with the conclusion: Best score in all categories!

We translated some quotes for you:


“With the variety of playable grooves you can instantly unleash a colorful percussion tsunami.”
“Super-deep bass drums and taikos provide a bombastic foundation. Snares, toms and other smaller instruments deliver captivating presence and sharpness.”
“The competition sounds more friendly – Action Strikes , however, with its basic sound has clearly joined the dark side of the force.”
“Action Strikes comes up with a striking, dark-threatening basic sound, which clearly differentiates it from its competitors.”
“The loops contained in Action Strikes deliver the perfect base for the soundtrack of action, horror, sci-fi and fantasy films as well as psycho-thrillers and crime movies.”

You can purchase the german e-paper here: https://www.keosk.de/read/78xk4CJvOSzzY/epaper-Professional_audio_03_2014