This FAQ site will help you to find the answers to some of the most common questions about the SONUSCORE products. Please have a look at them. If you do not find an answer to your question, please write us an email to: service@sonuscore.com



Are there any legal limitations to how I can use Sonuscore products?

The main limitation is that you are not allowed to use them to make a sample library or another kind of sample-based product. However, you are able to use them in all your musical recording applications without paying for any additional licenses.

Can I use your sounds in a video game?

Yes, you can use the sounds in any game production you want.

Can I use your sounds in a production that's going to be broadcasted. Do I have to pay for additional licences?

The license is for commercial and non-commercial use in music, sound FX, audio/video post-production, performance, broadcast or similar finished content-creation and production use. It allows you to combine the CONTENT you’ve purchased for commercial recordings without paying any additional license fees or providing source attribution to Sonuscore.

I own The Orchestra Complete 2, can I delete The Orchestra?

The Orchestra Complete 2 contains everything from The Orchestra. If you still need access to older sessions where TO has been used, however, these sessions won’t open if TO has been deleted. If this is no concern, you can remove TO from your hard drive. The Orchestra remains available through your account at BestService should you ever need to reinstall it.

I bought The Orchestra (Complete, Complete 2, Strings Of Winter, Horns Of Hell) or Elysion at BestService (or other distributors). Can I register the product in my Sonuscore account?

We developed those instruments together with our partner BestService and they handle all the distribution over at their side. That’s why you can only see those products in your account here when purchased through our shop and you would still register the product at BestService and get your download links there.


Do you ship to any country in the world?

Yes, we can ship to any place with a mail service.

How long does shipping usually take?

Depending on your location it might take up to 14 days (customs, etc.). However you will always get direct download links after completing your order so that you can use our collections immediately.

How can I pay?

You can pay with creditcard (VISA and Mastercard. NO AMERICAN EXPRESS!) and with Paypal. Please make sure to wait until you are being redirected to the payment site after clicking the “proceed” button at checkout.

What is VAT and why do I have to pay it?

This applies to customers in Europe only: all our prices shown in the store are without VAT. If you have a valid VAT ID, you can put it in the system while placing an order and you will not be charged any VAT. If you are in Germany, you always have to pay VAT. Remember: as an audio pro, you will get it back from your local tax office.

Please enter your VAT ID in the following format:

I have a coupon code. Where can I redeem it?

You can enter the coupon code during the checkout process in our shop system. If you enter a valid code, you will get a discount on your purchase.

Can I place orders via telephone?

Yes, please call +49 6131-5847895. If no one is available to take your call, please leave a message with your telephone number, email address, a description of your needs, and we’ll get back to you.

Is there an educational discount?

An educational discount is available only on selected products, depending on the number of workstations and usage type. Please contact us for details: service@sonuscore.com

For an educational discount for the following products, please contact the appropriate vendors:



I can't download your files or the connection is very slow!

Make sure that your internet connection is fast enough (try a bandwidth test on the internet). If that doesn’t help wait a few hours, sometimes traffic on our server is heavy. If that doesn’t help: please contact us: service@sonuscore.com

I have used up my download links but the downloads failed or are incomplete.

In order to guarantee the best possible service, we have to restrict the downloads both in their amount and in the time they can accessed. Please contact us, we will get you new download links: service@sonuscore.com

I'm on a mac computer and the zip files won't open.

Mac OS X doesn’t natively support password protected zip files. Please extract the files with the free Stuffit Expander or any application that can handle password protected zip files.

The files won't decompress.

Be sure to check if all files of one library have been downloaded completely and then start the decompression. If an instrument consists of multiple rar files, please only decompress the first file, all other files will decompress automatically.

If you’re on a mac computer, please extract the files with the free Stuffit Expander or any application that can handle password protected zip files.