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  • Serj Tankian (System of a Down - Singer/Guitarist)

    "Sonuscore continues to surprise me with their ultra-creative, high quality sample libraries, all very usable for scoring in Kontakt. Their latest Ancient Duduk Phrases is no exception. As an Armenian fan of Sonuscore, I had to get it."
  • Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater Keyboardist/Composer)

    "Playing Elysion is a unique musical experience and instantly transports me to a magical musical world. So many wonderful sound colors and rhythms to explore. I absolutely love this virtual instrument."
  •  B.D. (Composer / Producer)

    "A great orchestral library with all the essential instruments and articulations you expect (and some you don't) with such a small library size (6.9 gb). That means faster loading times when adding instruments."
  • Christopher Mayer (Recording Artist/Mixer)

    "Wow! The Orchestra is an amazing piece of software. Works with either the full of KONTAKT or the free KONTAKT PLAYER, I am amazed how great this software sounds and performs."
  • Edward Towner (Film Composer/Producer)

    "Nervous about the purchase because of the price; but took a leap of faith and BOY did I hit a home run!!! Small footprint, small library size (6GB+), and the sound quality is comparable to other instrument software. I actually complete a full 6:20 score in 3 DAYS!!! It also blends well with other VI's and by recording the instruments dry; you can supplement your own reverb to provide the same spacial ambience. Best $... I've spent and I'm just getting started. Highly recommended for the ambitious beginner of the seasoned veteran."
  • Todd K. Edwards (Media Composer)

    "I found Lyrical Vocal Phrases very inspiring. From the moment I clicked one button it’s like the ideas just flowed."

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