• Ivan Torrent (Composer)

    Evolution: Dragon, covers perfectly all what I could need for a contemporary trailer production. This library contains amazingly designed stuff and it has a rock solid sound, with punchy and agressive patches. It's built with really good taste, and it has a stellar GUI, that makes to compose with it, a superb experience.
  • The Audio Spotlight

    “With a plethora of beautifully performed phrases and melodies, Sonuscore’s Lyrical Cello really gets you one step closer to working with a world-class session cellist.” // "Especially for situations, where you need your sample-based production to sound most realistic and authentic, I’d recommend adding Lyrical Cello Phrases to your arsenal, particularly for a price tag below a hundred bucks.“ // "Just think of the oftentimes cello-based soundtrack from the Game Of Thrones TV series and you’ll know immediately, where this library is heading towards sonically.“
  • Ivan Torrent (Composer)

    TRINITY DRUMS sounds really amazing, and it will be an awesome weapon to work with.
  • Armin Haas (Composer)

    Total War: WARHAMMER (Creative Assembly/Sega), Anno 2205 (Ubisoft/BlueByte), We Moba (Tencent)
    "LYRICAL CELLO PHRASES is as it should be, self-explaining. There are no unnecessary frills and everything is built up meaningful and clear. On the one hand you can listen to the dry and therewith the very variable sound and on the other hand you can profit from the simplicity and clarity of the operation and the naming of the themes with their respective scales. A simple legato cello library couldn´t keep up with the lively and human sound of these phrases played by a real professional."
  • Chance Thomas (Composer & Oscar-winner)

    Lord of the Rings Online, Avatar, King Kong, The ChubbChubbs
    "I installed Action Strings yesterday, and already it’s making my life easier. The quality bar of my virtual mockups just took an exponential leap! I love having so many archetypal string patterns available at my fingertips. The aural quality is excellent [...]."
  • Alexander Röder (Composer)

    Anno Series (Ubisoft/BlueByte), Angry Birds Toons (Rovio), Hitman (SquareEnix / IO Interactive)
    YES, YES and YES! With TRINITY DRUMS, everything fits perfectly. While experimenting with the instrument, an appreciative smile flitted across my face. The concept is just amazing, it’s everything in one instrument, easy to access, all parts are separately accessible with the keyboard and everything is easy to tweak with reverberation, EQ, etc. The sounds and loops sound big, fresh and dynamic. The tempo range with 90-140 BPM is great because basically everything happens within that range. There are no useless tempi, the grooves are commercial but also have their individual touch. You have really outdone yourselves, I will definitely make frequently use of it.

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