• Chance Thomas (Composer & Oscar-winner)

    Lord of the Rings Online, Avatar, King Kong, The ChubbChubbs
    "I installed Action Strings yesterday, and already it’s making my life easier. The quality bar of my virtual mockups just took an exponential leap! I love having so many archetypal string patterns available at my fingertips. The aural quality is excellent [...]."
  • Alexander Röder (Composer)

    Anno Series (Ubisoft/BlueByte), Angry Birds Toons (Rovio), Hitman (SquareEnix / IO Interactive)
    YES, YES and YES! With TRINITY DRUMS, everything fits perfectly. While experimenting with the instrument, an appreciative smile flitted across my face. The concept is just amazing, it’s everything in one instrument, easy to access, all parts are separately accessible with the keyboard and everything is easy to tweak with reverberation, EQ, etc. The sounds and loops sound big, fresh and dynamic. The tempo range with 90-140 BPM is great because basically everything happens within that range. There are no useless tempi, the grooves are commercial but also have their individual touch. You have really outdone yourselves, I will definitely make frequently use of it.
  • Petri Alanko (Composer)

    Alan Wake
    "Wow! Some serious stuff in here, packed with flawless professionalism, great idea and top-notch execution. Recommended!"
  • Ash Ebrahim (Composer)

    "I love composing and writing action sequences and when I heard about your product and watching the demo I was blown up with the quality of it. Action strikes not only helps give my percussion that professional sound that I strive to but it does it in a fraction of the time that I would have spent putting it together instrument by instrument. I can go on and on but with all honesty I simply love this product."
  • Michael F. April (Composer)

    American Idol, CSI Miami
    "Great job on your first release “ACTION STRINGS”! I bought it and I love it."
  • Borislav Slavov (Composer)

    Crysis 2, Two Worlds 2
    "ACTION STRINGS is an amazing library and a composition tool, which can save you a lot of precious programming time without sacrificing creativity and quality. I will definitely use it on the next projects. Great job, Dynamedion and Native Instruments!"

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